Uncut diamond jewelry TRUTH will help protect craftsmanship, protect Kyoto culture, and support artists.
The jewelry box is made from paulownia wood, which is a waste material. The Kyoto craftsmen of Kyoto Kiri Box Crafts Co., Ltd. make a jewelry box for the paulownia box, and the bag that wraps the jewelry uses Kuroya Washi, an intangible cultural property designated by Kyoto Prefecture. increase.
We will deliver the energy of the octahedron rough diamond and the thoughts of the people involved in making TRUTH jewelry.

To uncut diamond From diamond to uncut diamond

Polishing technology such as triple excellent has evolved to maximize the brilliance of diamonds, and the glittering brilliance of diamonds has become beautiful and wonderful.
On the other hand, more and more people are seeking a return to nature if they cannot feel the soft warmth given by nature by artificially modifying it to make it a uniform figure.
Diamonds have been the king of gems since their birth and have been loved as amulets with the highest energy since the days when there was no polishing technology.
In order to enjoy the power and charm of diamonds delivered from the depths of the earth to the ground, we carefully select octahedron-cut diamond rough stones with high quality and rarity and deliver them in a simple design.


正八面体カットダイヤモンド原石 TRUTHダイアモンド
創業100余年 京都老舗宝石店タカノ

History of Takano History of Takano

Kyoto Diamond Collection Takano
Founded over 100 years ago, the American Gemological Institute of America, a long-established jewelry store in Kyoto
The diamonds carefully selected by GIA GG experts have a good reputation.