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Mari Koda ( @ mari_koda )

As the quasi-leader "Jenny Kid" in the Disney-distributed Hollywood movie "Step Up" series, she is the only Asian actress to appear in four consecutive films, and has appeared in numerous solo films such as US TV, commercials, and award shows. In recognition of his achievements, he acquired the permanent residence in the United States as the first Japanese hip-hop artist.
She has performed as a dancer with Patti LaBelle, Jamie Foxx, Missy Elliott and Timbaland, who have won numerous Academy Awards, including the Grammy Awards.

Mari Koda

In 2010, she established SUN RHYTHM, INC. With the idea of ​​nurturing her "heart" through music and dance and connecting the world.
She promotes American artists, manages tours, and produces events in New York.

Mari Koda

I respect Gyoki Bosatsu, who contributed to the construction of the Great Buddha during the Nara period.
It is said to be Japan's first welfare worker, and while preaching, he helps farmers and the sick and walks all over Japan, moves himself, digs wells together, prays, works with everyone, and works for the well-being of people throughout his life. Gyoki's appearance is the basis of all his energy, and he has worked in more than 20 countries such as Europe, South America and South Asia as a TV appearance, dance performance, judge and educator. In recent years, we have been focusing on special classes held not only in general facilities but also in orphanages, nursing homes, and juvenile training schools.